Beatles, Books, Bombs, and Beyond wins "Best Memoir in 2017" Texas Authors Association

First place winner  in the Texas Authors, Inc. Short Story Contest in 2016 and 2017.

Football articles published in Tennessee Sports Magazine

In business Robert John DeLuca was obliged to operate within tightly restrictive parameters defined by market conditions, standards of conduct, government regulations, and other mandated limits. As an author, however, he enjoys the incredible uplift of unbounded freedom limited only by his own creativity and passion.

He cultivated his writing at Brown University and the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned BA and MBA degrees respectively. After college, he served as a US Marine officer in Vietnam and left the service as a Captain to join the Mellon Bank as a national lending officer. He relocated to Texas to be the CFO for a home building firm. Later, he was a lender with Citibank, a partner in a real estate development company, and founder of his own real estate concern. His extensive business background provides a fertile resource for his writing.

He has published a novel, memoir, and a non-fiction book about NFL coaches. A young adult novel, which is the first in the "adventures of Marshall Morris"will be available in September. His second novel in the Nelson family saga will be published this fall. Additional books are planned for both series.  He has authored magazine pieces, won short story contests, contributed to several anthologies, and won a “book-of the-year” award from Texas Authors, Inc.

He resides with his awesome wife, and Stanley, a bullmastiff, in Friendswood, Texas.


Author of Great Books



"JUSTICE for a TEXAS MA RSHALL ""wins"Best YA Novel "of 2018, TEXAS AUTHORS< INC.

First place wiinner in Houston Writers House Short Story Contest in 2017.