"Beatles, Books, Bombs,and Beyond" survives Hurricane Harvey !

Our Lives on the street.

The Best NFL head Coach of All Time

Our rankings and ratings for the 2017 season have been released. Check them out on our Perfect Pro Football Coach website.

Grounded in historical perspective, The Perfect Pro Football Coach provides an in-depth look at head coaching in the NFL. Using hard data based on on-the-field performance, our Coaching Assessment Scoring Hierarchy (CASH) system ranks every one of the 300 some coaches since 1960. Who are at the top and who are bringing up the rear?  “A “successful” coach in the National Football League is one who simply: (1) wins, and (2) gets his team into the playoffs. It would certainly seem that NFL franchises, would have by now refined the critical process of finding a new head coach, but clearly they haven’t. Is it any wonder that so many new coaches are flops right out of the box?



Bob DeLuca's first venture into young adult fiction "Justice for a Texas Marshall" is complete and will be out this summer. Who says bullies always get thier way? Not in Texas they don't.


One man bullies his way through life leveraging the force of his personality and the advantages of wealth and  position. The other rules though the intimidating power of the iron fist of physical violence. Both dominate their spheres of influence where neither has ever known a peer. Compelling economic circumstances catapult this influential and eminently successful Texas business executive on to a collision course with Mexico’s most authoritarian and ruthless drug lord. Only one is likely to survive.

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This is the true story of boys becoming men on a bittersweet journey from campus to combat during the turbulent 1960’s. Three bright young men enter Brown University in 1962 with no inkling of the decade ahead as the nation is wrenched from comfortable conservatism to skepticism and liberalism.

They are fun-loving, serious, naive, and immature, all in one package. They study, play sports, party, drink beer, chase girls, horse around, fall in love, graduate, get married, and have kids, They become United States Marine Corps officers and go off to war’ steadfast in their resolve to answer their country’s call even as the Vietnam catastrophe mushrooms into the most divisive issue of the century

It is a fearful time as new marriages struggle to coalesce despite the terrifying separation. They all go to Vietnam. Dreadfully, only one returns, as the two pilots perish in the cockpits of their spectacular war machines resolutely carrying out their missions in that God-forsaken place.

Never does their resolve and commitment to duty waiver. Was this horrible price worth it? That dilemma has taken a half century to

Here's What I Think

After a few years hanging around this "mortal coil" I have a some ideas about a lot of things. You may or may not agree. Check our May's installment.

Beach front property - as soon as the tide goes out

We're back (almost!)

We were truly blessed. FIve feet of water from Hurricane Harvey re-arranged our plans a bit, but we are now just about 100% recovered. Writing had to take a backseat to wringing for a while but pen is now back in hand. Thanks so much to all the wonderful support we had.  

Bob DeLuca has always had a strong interest in writing, which he cultivated at Brown University and the University of Pittsburgh, where he holds BA and MBA degrees respectively. After college, he served with the United States Marine Corps in Vietnam and left as a Captain to join the Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh, Eventually, he settled in Houston where he became involved in real estate including the development of affordable housing. His extensive business background provides a strong platform and fertile resource for his writing endeavors. He has raised a family of four sons, and resides with his awesome wife, grandchild-of-the-week, and bullmastiff in Friendswood, Texas.    See the complete bio.